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In many cases, it is impossible to get the maximum aesthetic appearance of teeth, good function, and natural and beautiful smile, without complete oral reconstruction which involves a whole team of specialists of dental medicine: specialist in orthodontics and periodontics, a specialist in oral surgery (Implantology), specialist prosthetist, and often specialist for cosmetic surgery.

After a detailed review, analysis of photographs and radiogram, and analysis of the impression of the teeth which is modelled and studied, the specialists diagnose and formulate a treatment plan. All this is presented to the patient by computer simulation, and depending on their wishes, we recommend a final treatment plan.


 - DENTAL SPECIALIST – (using fixed orthodontic treatment)

- Straightens teeth and gives them appropriate alignment and levelling
- Creates harmonious relations between the jaws and teeth of the upper and lower dental arch
Closes the diastema (space) between the tooth and increases the gap between the teeth for implanting

 - A periodontist – Corrects the gingival relation – teeth and improves the so-called red - white aesthetics (it is very important that in your smile red or gingiva is less visible and that this relationship is symmetrical). For this purpose, periodontists perform gingivectomy and gingivoplasty (cutting of the gums) using laser, electrocauteries or conventional surgery.

 - Oral Surgeon (Implantologist) – installs implants and adds artificial bone in areas of large bone defects if necessary.

 - Specialist prosthodontist – completes the job by creating veneers or crowns on teeth and implants made out of the most aesthetic nonmetal ceramics (E - max, Zircon)

 - Specialist of Plastic Surgery  - gives a final aesthetic and natural look applying fillers (hyaluronic acid), botox or your own fat cells in the mouth, around the lips and nasolabial folds.

With very short upper lip, by using a simple surgical procedure, the specialist lowers the upper lip and reduces gum visibility when you smile, which is very important for aesthetics and natural smile.

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